Our Story

The best things in life are the people we love and the memories we're made

The story of Pica-Pica

We’re living in those times where taking photos has never been easier. With smartphones and digital cameras, taking photos has become meaningless and are mostly viewed through a screen. If not, it’ll just be stored in the cloud, phone or Instagram. But, we believe that photos are more than that. Therefore, we are here to bring back those precious memories with an Instagram photo printing machine. We believe that memories are one of the precious things to have in life, and PicaPica is one of the way to let you store it. Do you see those albums where your parent had captured pictures of you when you’re a child and have them put inside an album? Look back at those photos, playback those memories in your mind and smile. We believe that every single photo tells a beautiful story.

What will your story be?


Making the real memories is our vision
We Believe a photo could store the true memories and precious moments.



We make innovative to print photos by making it Simple and Easy. We customize it as a whole self service vending machine. Which is also making us one of the most convenient way to print photos.

The Name of Pica-Pica


The name PicaPica is formed through the sound of the camera shutter, which sounds like “PI CHA”, but Picha itself is weird looking and hard to comprehend. So, one of the founder tries to take out the H in Picha into Pica, and found it to sound more fun and the words are easier to remember. However, the founder themselves find Pica to be ordinary and short. Thus, they recite it twice to form PicaPica, which sounds move lively and dynamic. It easier to remember, pronounce and also carries the passion to make the memories real for the people.